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Fish Scale Cocaine

Fish scale cocaine is a type of cocaine produced in laboratories by processing coca leaves and has a high potency. It has a unique crystalline appearance that resembles fish scales, hence its name. The drug is most commonly found in powder, rock, or paste forms. It is consumed by smoking, snorting, or injecting. The name comes from the distinctive shimmer of the cocaine crystals, which resemble fish scales.

How is Fish Scale Cocaine Different From Other Forms of Cocaine?

Fish scale cocaine is much purer than other forms of the drug. It has a purity of 98-99%, compared to the purity of regular cocaine, which is usually in the range of 65-75%. This makes it much more potent, and the effects felt by users can be much stronger than those with lower purity forms.

Effects of Fish Scale Cocaine

Fish Scale cocaine has high potency due to no impurities or additives. It can also be processed to make crack cocaine. Due to the high potency fish scale cocaine causes high-level addiction.

Common effects of fish scale cocaine include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Boost in energy and motivation
  • Immediate euphoria
  • Increased alertness
  • Flow of happiness and sense of achievement
  • Dilated pupils
  • Decreased appetite
  • Decreased need for sleep

How is Fish Scale Cocaine Used?

Fish scale cocaine is usually used in the same ways as other forms of cocaine, such as snorting, smoking, or injecting. However, given its potency, users may find that they need to use smaller amounts than usual in order to achieve the desired effect.

Types & Origin of Fish Scale Cocaine

Today, fish scale cocaine is produced primarily in Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. This type of cocaine is often produced in laboratories where it is mixed with other chemicals and adulterants to increase its purity and strength. This makes it one of the most popular forms of cocaine in the world.

Peruvian Fish Scale Cocaine

Peru is one of the top cocaine-producing countries after Colombia. Its coca plants produce amazing fish-scale cocaine, which has high demand in the entire world. Peruvian cocaine is considered luxury cocaine due to its high-level of potency.

Boliavan Flake Cocaine

Bolivia is a coca-rich country and one of the main cocaine producers in South America. Bolivian cocaine is also considered the best cocaine in the entire world. Coca labs produce fish-scale cocaine by processing local coca plants.

However, local suppliers mix additional substances in Bolivian cocaine to increase the quantity to make more profit. Which highly compromises the potency and quality of fish scale cocaine which can be called cut cocaine.

Colombian Fish Scale Cocaine

Colombia is the top cocaine producer. There are many coca labs that produce fish-scale cocaine by processing coca leaves. Colombian fish scale cocaine is high in demand and is the most popular cocaine in the entire world. Colombian cocaine is also known as Pablo Escobar Cocaine.

Where to Buy Fish Scale Cocaine

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Fish scale cocaine is a potent and highly sought-after form of cocaine, known for its high purity and potent effects. While commonly produced in areas of South America and Mexico, this form of cocaine can be found across the globe.

People who choose to use fish-scale cocaine should be aware of the potential health risks and legal consequences associated with it. The consequences of using fish scale cocaine can be serious, so those using it should always take the proper safety and legal precautions.

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